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Who is Mahiri Takai and why should you know him? I am Mahiri Takai and the is the random cool blog of a stylish guy. Here I would like to explore, expand, and evolve fashion, lifestyle, and style. Though style has been my claim to fame ( Boy Don't nobody know you!) I would like to discuss lifestyle influencing, product testing, testimonials, and reviews. All while being a father and husband which I call the art of the working man. 

I am a self made man. Creative style maker and serial entrepreneur pursuing passion and dreams. I have a clothing line, shoe line, home interiors, and I am a best-selling author. That is known by the name of M.E collective you can shop all my products right here on line!

Why should you subscribe? Simple this is a dope blog with new innovative content. However, this is not your aunt's blog! I love adventure, travel, and tools to success. If you're like me this blog will not only open your eyes to things but new perspectives. I will host some cool giveaways and provide celebrity interviews right here! I guarantee you'll be blown away with what I have planned!

 So if you have question, ideals, or want to collab simply send me a message and we will go from there. Oh, please don't forget to subsribe to be apart of the takai squad! What? Well I am glad you asked the #TakaiSquad is for the risk takers in fashion willing to risk it all to win big in life. We've created a squad for people just like you that lovers of fashion and style. Now you have a chance to win big prizes such as a trip to the Big Apple during fashion week, TV's, clothes and more! So signup already it will be fun getting to know you my friends.

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Mahiri Takai