When I received the call to be part of a casting for ABC's Match Game I jumped to the opportunity to compete. It was quite an awesome experience to say the least! I made it my business to meet and greet everyone on staff. I learned that every hand is important in a production such as this. I quickly won over the hearts of everyone evolved and had them ready to cheer me on. 

The time finally came to get to set after hours of waiting and practicing. The wardrobe had been steamed, ironed, and coordinated and the sweat was on my back. When I found out that my opponent was one of the sweetest and most competitive people in the game I knew the heat was on. They walk us backstage and do the final prep. We're one foot away from the celebrities I feel so confident and refreshed. The big shag wall turns and the game is on!

She takes the first question and bombs! I'm like OK you can do it! I put my head in the game the first question comes and I think duh I got this! Then I didn't get it! I lose the show after being soooooo close! I freak out and my stress hit. Failure awakens me in my brokenness and I have no idea How I will get through this. I met to inspiring guys on the plane ride back to Dallas from New york and they express to me there's a group that not only will help you recover from your brokenness but will help give you support in this time. It was exactly what I needed to restore my  faith. That plane ride saved my life!!!

Fast forward months later one of the staff members reached out to and pitched me for a tv show on a primetime network. I have no idea what happens next but I will be available for whatever is to come. My lost on that show was the introduction to my win in life!